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back to blogging?

Posted in 1 by chrismichael on September 17, 2009

we’ll, i’ve never been that good at regular blogging, but i’m going to try…and toss some of the fun photos i’ve been taking recently. here’s one:

photo 40


happy national waffle day!

Posted in 1 by chrismichael on August 25, 2009

banana-peach waffles make any day shit-tons better.

my mom is having surgery today – please send her some love!

Posted in 1 by chrismichael on August 18, 2009

howdy.  i hope this finds you doing grand.

many of you have met my exceptional mom and i knew you would want to know that she is having surgery today – at 11am.  we're just now about to head to the hospital and i wanted to send a quick note with two requests:

1) please keep my mom in your thoughts today and send her oodles of love and well-wishes and all such thoughtful, glorious things

2) please send an email to my mom for when she gets out of the fog –  my mom has grown to love email (and her mac products), so i'm sure that she would be incredibly touched and moved if she were to hear from you via the keypad – feel free to toss-in recipes that you think i should cook her or try your latest joke on her to see if you can get her adorable giggle.

thanks for reading, and here's a short video with much of the same request:

again, my mom's email:

much love,


nb:  we'll know a lot more after the surgery and we'll share the latest when we know it.  xo

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family reunion

Posted in 1 by chrismichael on August 12, 2009

back in wichita seeing the growing fam…

heavy moto breaking asphalt

Posted in 1 by chrismichael on July 15, 2009

on the one-day ride from maine to nyc. yikes. bike tore-up some new asphalt, but kept vertical! view of maine estuary near kennybunk.

pretty mirrors and split pesonalities

Posted in 1 by chrismichael on July 14, 2009

from boston's contemporary art museum

kansas + donuts + blue sky = wichita’s donut whole

Posted in 1 by chrismichael on July 14, 2009

greatest donut spot on the planet. this photo is of their roof and the sky that held and coddled the daydreams of my youth.

beautiful multicolored condom dress outta kansas

Posted in condom, dress, kansas by chrismichael on July 6, 2009

this gorgeous dress from positive directions in wichita, kansas was made from 2,200 condoms, and might be the second-best use for a condom that i’ve ever seen…

new favorite video: chalk animation from lucinda schreiber and yanni kronenberg

Posted in music, rad, video by chrismichael on July 6, 2009

i found this via “12 gorgeous vimeo videos for design inspiration“, a great post by natasha wescoat. this is one of my favorites…

Firekites – AUTUMN STORY – chalk animation from Lucinda Schreiber on Vimeo.


Posted in 1 by chrismichael on June 24, 2009