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four hours in india – a snapshot

Posted in bergen, elephants, india, moto, whiskey by chrismichael on May 3, 2009

bergen and i had a wonderous four hours on our way to get some whiskey. this little video is my attempt at sharing snippets via imovie without allocating more than 30 minutes at the keyboard. more to come, but more now at – check it to watch bergen’s adventures on (and off) a motorcycle throughout india…

our four hours in india – on the way to a bar… from Chris Michael.


bergen ‘buffer than your paddle’ bubba bergen

Posted in bergen, buffness, india, moto by chrismichael on April 2, 2009

paddle ball on a beach in north goa with bergen. he taunted a little girl and made her cry – but she did throw sand in his beard…

5 reasons indian bicylces are rad

Posted in bikes, india by chrismichael on April 1, 2009

1. they were all built before 1943
2. they were all built with steel. heavy steel
3. they are big. really fucking big (shorter folks look uncomfortable)
4. they have curly-mustache handlebars
5. they have seats that force you to think about how you are sitting on them. for realz.

happy birthday, jake!

Posted in india by chrismichael on April 1, 2009

jake brings smiles – astonishing smiles that come naturally and those belly-bursting, laugh until you cry smiles. while we bumped our way outside of camp, jake told stories of car wrecks due to … good acts, tales of cops and his fear of wearing shorts. happy birthday, jake! xo, c

this was (is) it

Posted in chai, india, moto by chrismichael on March 31, 2009

this is a good summation of my time in india – riding mingus, the most chill, solid bike, drinking chai and looking at our trusty atlas with hopes of finding hidden and empty roads where we could encounter elephants and monkeys, which we did. because i chose to not journal or share photos during the three-week trip, i’m hoping to use the blog as way to remind myself of how awesome the trip was and share some funny stories and photos of bergen being buff and looking german.